AL ANDALUS Group Companies

AI Andalus is a Group of companies with branches and offices in Jordan, UAE, Turkey, UK and USA. AlAndalus companies listed within the group brand names are: 1- Al Andalus construction lnc. 2- Al Andalus Trading Inc. 3- Al Andalus international for Oil projects and Services CO. LTD. 4- Al Andalus Engineering & Designs CO. […]


AI Andalus Construction AI Andalus Co. holds a FIRST LEVEL contractor license from local Contractor Federation and is a member of the Chamber Of Commerce, Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. Offices in Kurdistan, UAE (Dubai), Cairo, Egypt and London. As one of the major companies in construction and General Contracting, […]

Company Profile

As a third generation enterprise, Al Andalus has evolved steadily to become among the well-recognised names in the region, the effort and dedication we spent was fruitful by the achievements we have made. During many phases over the years, we were managing our projects successfully and gaining the satisfaction of our clients on many levels, […]